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Bossanova Brazilian Cuisine 

I’m not going to lie. I forget about Bossanova because I don’t live in L.A. But when I’m in L.A.  with friends and they mention it, I’m all for dining there. Bossanova has some delicious food but their artisan pizzas and plantains is what I’m a fan.

Bossanova has three location in the L.A. area: one in West Hollywood, West LA and Hollywood and they all stay open as late 3:30am.

You can enjoy some delicious Brazilian cuisine here but as I mentioned earlier, I come here for the pizza. Their artesian pizzas are the best. I always get the Quatro Formaggi Pizza which consists of homemade Tomato sauce, Mozzerella, Grana Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, andGorgonzola  Cheese on top of garlic infused crust. My mouth is watering just typing all this. If your a true cheese lover like myself, trust me, this pizza is life.

I also ordered a side of plantains because Bossanova makes great plantains and they are delicious. 

My friends I was with ordered Salmon 

And Sea Bass 

I had a taste of my friends Sea Bass. It was so good. I’ve never had Sea Bass before. Whenever I go back to BossaNova, I’m definitely  getting that next time.

So if your in the LA area and your looking for a late night eatery to enjoy some delicious food, I recommend BossaNova and don’t forget that side of plantains! 


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