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Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar

I love Malibu. I used to drive up there a lot when I was younger just to hang out and go to the beach. Recently, I went on an hiking excursion to Solstice Canyon with some friends and fell in love with Malibu all over again. After exploring the canyon for a few hours, naturally we were starving and in need of some good food. Once of my companions is vegan so we searched for an restaurant that met everyone’s diet restrictions. Luckily, being in Malibu where skinny is life, there were plenty of eating places to chose from. We were in a good mood and decided to have food on the Malibu Pier at the Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar. 

Malibu Farms has two locations on the Pier. One location is the Restaurant and Bar and at the end of the Pier is the Café. We decided to dine at the Restaurant and maybe if we were still hungry, order from the Café for a dessert.

The Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar is so cute and quaint. We walked in during the lunch hour and I knew we made the right choice in coming here. The atmosphere was perfect. The seating gave you a chill beach vibe and even though it was crowded, its a wide space so your not on top of each other. I was loving the furry cushions on the bench style tables and I loved how each table had either a different fresh herb or fresh vegetable as table décor.  

FYI, Malibu Farms is a farm to table restaurant and produce their own organic products. You can taste the freshness in the food.

Okay lets get to the food. I ordered the Malibu Blue Nachos ($12) which was the perfect choice for me. This item came with black beans, cheese salsa and sour cream. I was hungry but not in the mood for something large and this small size nachos was very delicious. You can add protein (chicken, steak or avocado) for an additional price of $4. Remember, you are in Malibu so if you plan on dining out in Malibu, expect to pay Malibu prices. But my $4 worth of fresh avocado was delicious.

My friend ordered the Spaghetti Squash Lasagna ($20). This squash was filled with cream spinach, mozzarella and tomato. We saw this being ordered a lot and now we know why. It was so good. Even though it wasn’t my order, of course my friend shared with me.

My other friend who is the main vegan of the group ordered the Cauliflower Crust Pizza ($16) and The Grilled Vegetable Sandwich ($15). That Pizza was delicious. Whatever herbs they used fro the cauliflower crust made it super tasty and the toppings of mozzarella, tomato and pesto tasted so fresh. Remember Malibu Farms do raise their own vegetable and make their sauces from scratch and you can definitely taste the freshness in the flavor.  The Grilled Vegetable Sandwich was delicious. I had a small taste and almost ordered it. It was a simple sandwich with hummus, arugula, avocado and roasted pepper. 

And last my other companion ordered the Chicken Broccoli Quesadillas ($15). I will admit, these were just okay compared to all the other food and my least favorite. It had a little bit of spicy aioli in it but I still felt like it was missing something to make it great. 

But overall I think the Malibu Farms Restaurant is a great place to dine. While, there we saw a cute set up for a Bridal Shower luncheon and this would be a great place to host an small get together brunch. I loved the atmosphere and the views of the ocean while dining. For pet lovers, you can also bring your dog into the restaurant to dine which is honestly my only negative comment about it. I’m not a fan of dining with pets.

So in the West LA area this weekend and looking for a nice place to dine, I would recommend taking a 15 minute drive up PCH from Santa Monica and dine here with friends. If you park in the structure across the street its a $10 flat fee which is your best option in that area.


Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar- 23000 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu



*all opinions are my own*


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