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Naturway Natural Foods 

The older I get the more my body malfunctions. The 30s have been filled with many ups and down to my health. Earlier this year,I was sick for a month with a cold and I’m still producing mucus from that event. Recently, I started taking ginger shots twice a day from Jamba Juice. They had a special all of March where their Ginger And Green shots was only $1. I started doing this twice a day and noticed how these shots help lessened the mucus build up in my body. So to make this apart of my regular routine (and to save money), I decided to buy the ingredients and make my own.

 I went to Naturway Natural Food in Lakewood to buy some fresh pressed ginger. I’ve attempted to press ginger at home with a spoon and it was a headache. I’m happy I found some fresh pressed ginger from The Ginger People company at the store. Naturway Natural also has different vitamins and a frozen food section.

 As with any store that provides items that’s actually healthy for you, the store is a little on the pricey side but your health is worth the few extra bucks right? I was able to buy the fresh pressed Ginger and some delicious protein bars that was on sale! 

 So if your in the Lakewood area and looking for a health food store, Naturway Natural Foods is the place to go. During your checkout experience, you might just encounter a small feisty but wise woman who makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. Just talking to her alone is worth a visit to the store. 
Naturway Natural Foods is located at 4037 Hardwick St, Lakewood, CA. 90712. Naturway is located across the street from the Lakewood Mall between Vons and Chuck E. Cheese. 

* All opinions are my own* 


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