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This weekend, I co-hosted a bridal shower at Restauration in Downtown Long Beach along Retro Row. Restauration is the perfect setting for a cute and intimate celebration. 

We started off with two rounds of appetizers: a veggie platter and a cheese and meat platter. 

Then for our main course we had multiple rounds of Eggplant Pizza and the Boar Sausage Pizza. Both were delicious but the Eggplant was my fave. I ate so much of it without any guilty feelings. 

Most of us enjoyed the cocktails that they have but the Sparkling Rose was the favorite of the day. 

And the staff there was very helpful with all of our needs and even helped me set up the decorations. If your looking for a venue for a cute, small intimate feel and vegan friendly, Restauration is your place.
Restauration is located at 2708 E. 4th St. Long Beach, CA. 90814 
*all opinions are my own* 


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