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Since I had time before work, I decided to try out the new breakfast/lunch bar in Tustin called Snooze Am Eatery.

 Snooze is located on the Tustin side of The Marketplace. This place is so cute and I will be coming back. 

I’ve been craving pancakes but since my stomach is still acting up, no gluten based foods can be consumed yet. I asked my waitress if I can get gluten free versions of the pancakes and she said yes! I happily ordered some gluten free Sweet Potato Pancakes and they were so good. 

I couldn’t finish them solo so I would definitely recommend sharing a plate with someone. There’s so much more fun food items on the menu that I want to try and next time I’m ordering a breakfast cocktail with my meal! 

*all opinions are my own* 

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Jarrow Formula ProboticsĀ 

Having IBS as a foodie is so fun šŸ˜©(sarcasm) so when I have a flare up, I’m usually strict no meat, dairy, gluten, soy, casen, wheat, etc etc etc free until my tummy calms down. In the meantime, I also turn to probiotics like Kombucha and  Jarro- Dophilus EPS capsules by Jarrow Formula that I purchase from Sprouts. These probiotics work best for me and stabilizes my Intestinal tract.