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Trade Foodhall 

There’s a new foodhall in Irvine that’s offering up some delicious grub. I was fortunate to attend a tasting of most of the locations and I didn’t taste anything that I didn’t like. Located on Michaelson right off Jamboree, Trade is a great place to enjoy lunch with co workers or dinner with friends. 

Okay enough chatting, let’s get to the food! 

Two Birds

Downtown LA has Howling Rays, Irvine has Two Birds. This place delivers their version of the new trend of Fried Chicken sandwich  to great reviews. I was able to try this special sandwich, the Two Birds in One Hand,and boy was it messy but in a good way. I was sharing this with other people and we still didn’t put a dent in it. We also tried the Cottage fries and had the perfect pairing. 

Gyro Kings  

If your into gyros this is the place. Gyro Kings is the only original location of the previous foodcourt that was here before it was renovated to become Trade. I’m happy it stayed because it is a gem. These Gyros Fries were everything I didn’t know I needed.


This delicious eatry is right up my alley and their motto is Vegetarian food for Non Vegetarians. I got to try the yummy Scratch Made Black Bean Burger and it was delicious!


I saw soo many yummy things coming from this location and I wanted to try all of them! I did get to try out the Fish and Chips platter which was amazing and also the California Shrimp Burrito.

Pig Pen Delicacy

When I’m really in a cheat mood, this has been my new place to go. Even though I’ve been here before (but at another location), I still enjoyed some of the food items and even tried some I never had yet. We got to try the Infamous Mac Attack Burger (which is great after a fun night out with friends) and standard Tater Tots..


If your into Poke bowls, this is the place for you. This was my fried time having a Poke Bowl and it was enjoyable. I enjoyed the Shrimp Poke Bowl the most. 

Sweet Combfort

The new take on waffles and I’m here for it. Get a Belgium Liege waffle on a stick and made your own creation using the various toppings available. My favorite is the fruity pebbles with cheese cake bites. Nice and Sweet!!


And don’t forget to grab a cocktail while there. The Trade Market has a mini bar called Center Hub that serves up great drinks. You can get whatever fits your fancy like this special Flaming Hor Cheeto Bloody Mary 

Or this delicious Blood Orange Mojito. I’m not normally a Mojito fan but this one just might make me a fan. 

I will defientely end up a Trade regular especially since it’s 10 minutes from my job. There’s so much more food I want to try form each location. So if your looking for somewhere new to dine this weekend, Trade Foodhall should be your destination! 

Trade Food Hall is located at 2222 Michelson Dr. Irvine, CA. 92612

*all opinions are my own* 

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Disney California Food and Wine Festival 2017

I’ve been wanting to attend this festival since it first started and finally I got a chance to attend. The Food and Wine Festival is so much better than the Festival of the Holidays Disney has during their Holiday celebration. 

If your an Disney Annual Passholder, the Sip & Savor food pass is the best way to go and only available to APs. It’s $35 with your AP discount and comes with 8 tickets that can be used on food items and non alcoholic beverages. My friend and I just bought one and split it which worked out perfectly. 

In addition to the food kiosks, for an additional fee, you can also attend private seminars for different wines, beers, spirits and food demonstrations. We attended a Wine seminar with a tasting from the Edna Valley wineiries in San Luis Obispo. We sampled a Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño from Tangent wines and Chardonnay from True Myth Wines. Albariño has sort of a salty taste to it but it’s not that bad. 

As for the food, everything we had was delicious!! We didn’t sample every kiosk available but stuck to the ones that appealed to us. We started at the Bacon Twist and Seafood…. Sustained Kiosk. From Bacon Twist we got the Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese and from a Seafood Sustained we got the Verlasso Sustsinable Salmon Tataki. 

Next was the Garlic Kissed kiosks where we got the Grilled Beef Tenderloin sliders and next to it was the Uncorked kiosks where I got the super yummy Mimosa  flight which consisted of Apricot, Pear, and Mango flavors. 

In the Hollywood Backlot was the LA Style kiosks where we got the Chicken Teriyaki Slider with spicy DOLE pineapple jam and the Korean Barbecue Beef Short Rib Tacos. 

And we ended our food adventure at the Onion Lair enjoying  Braised Wagyu Beef on Creamy Polenta and the French Onion Mac & Cheese. 

The Disney California Wine and Food Festival runs from March 10- April 16th. For non Annual Passholders, you will need to purchase a regular admission ticket ($124) into the park to attend this event. 

*all opinions are my own*

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Food Porn of the Day

I recently when to Disneyland to visit the Ye Olde Inn in Fantasyland. For s limited time, it is now the Red Rose Tavern and it’s a replica of the inn from Beauty and the Beast. Of course there is s large portrait of Gaston over the mantel along with portraits of Belle and the Beast. Disney switched out the entire original menu and created a new menu that goes with the new theme. One of the new items on the menu is the Enchanted Cauiflower  sandwich. It is a grilled cauliflower steak, with spicy lime aioli, tempura battered green beans, lettuce and tomato on a toasted roll. It is sooo good! If your going Disneyland soon I highly recommend you try it out 

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Festival of Holidays

Recently, Disneys California Adventure just ended their holiday food festival, Festival of the Holidays. I attended this event and got to try out some of the vendors while there. I will admit I wish they did more of a ticket system than pay for each food item from each vendor. I didn’t get to try as much as I wanted too ( the food was kinda pricey for the size samples they gave out) but I did get to try the items I had my eye on.

There was also alcohol vendors along with the food. You can choose between beer, wine and speciality made cocktails from each booth. 

Abuelitas Kitchen 

This was my favorite booth. I enjoyed this delicious open Chicken tamale with a Pomegrante Margarita (not pictured). The tamale definitely had a kick to it.

Southern Home Holidays 

I’m a Macaroni and Cheese lover so I was excited that they had this on their menu. However, I will admit. It was just okay. Being Disney, I excepted something sensational and it wasn’t nothing special. 

Mistletoe Morsels 

The Eggnog Cocktail from the Mistletoe Morsels was highly recommended to me. I finally got to try it and Boy Oh Boy am I happy I did. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Let’s just say I’m happy I had the mac and cheese before I drank this because this was strong and delicious!

Treats for Santa

The last booth I tried was Treats for Santa. Their Bourbon Cider took me to that level lol. It was so good but I definitely had to go get a compete meal and find a place to sit after this.

After that eggnog and Cider, the perfect meal to soak up all the goodness is always a burger and some onion rings. So I walked over to SmokeJumpers Grill near the entrance of the park , got a Bacon Cheddar Burger with Onion Rings 😋 to go and ate this food inside the Grand Californian in front of the fireplace 😌.

So as you can see, I enjoyed Festival of the Holidays. Nothing like going to the Disneyland Resort to do everything BUT get on rides. I will definitely be back this spring for the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. 

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Thanksgiving at the Golden Corral 

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. And I hope you had some great food. This year, me and my Mom decided to dine out for Thanksgiving and it was one of the best decisions. No hassle, no headaches that usually come with getting ready for a Thanksgiving family event. We decided to try The Golden Corral for Thanksgiving lunch.
The Golden Corral is a recent new edition to the inner Southern California area. The only one for a long time that was out here was in Victorville, CA and that’s 3 hours from LA county. Now, the Golden Corral is making its way inland.  

Their Thanksgiving buffet was amazing. So many options that strayed from the traditional Thanksgiving fare to non traditional. As you can see I went non traditional. I had Steak and shrimp for my Thanksgiving lunch. 

Plate #2- I had a salad, corn cake, zucchini and a nice buttered roll. I also had some delicious fried okra (not pictured) which was amazing. 

There was  also a large assortment of desserts, so I went with small sample sizes of cheesecake, bread pudding and peach cobbler. 

Me and my Mom truly enjoyed dining out for Thanksgiving and decided to do it this way from now on. A homemade meal for Thanksgiving is always nice but sometimes it’s great to break tradition. Thank you Golden Corral for a great meal. 

*all opinions are my own* 

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Gen Korean BBQ House

My family doesn’t have an extensive palate like I do. When we do family dinner outings for birthdays we go to the same restaurants: Sizzlers or Hometown Buffet. It’s nothing wrong with these places but for someone like me, this gets old. So to celebrate one of my cousins birthdays, I convinced my family to try Gens Korean BBQ House.

I love Korean BBQ. I mainly love it because I can cook my food at the table the way I want it to be cooked. I thought this would be a great experience with the family and we bond over preparing food. I definitely took my family out their comfort zone. I doubt they do this ever again but at least I tried. I’m just content that I got my family to explain their restaurant experience. 

So Gen. Great restaurant and great atmosphere. The way it works is that you pay a flat fee ($15.99 for lunch, $20.99 for dinner) and can order as much protein as you want from the dinner menu. Think Fogo de Chao (if you’ve ever been there) but they bring out your choice of meat and you cook it. You get sides of rice and salad that also come with the meal and your drinks are additional. 

Gens is pretty much carnivore heaven but you can also get seafood if your a pescatarian. I even convinced my cousin to try calamari for the first time. My phone died so I couldn’t capture that memory but I was proud of him. 

I highly recommended their brisket but unfortunately it was in high demand last night so we never got it. But if you ever go to Gens, try their brisket. It’s so good. So instead I started off with the premium steak and Hawaiian steak 

Then we added some bone in short ribs to the grill 

Then added some flank steak with great onions and chicken bougochi 

Then tried the boneless short ribs. I recommend going with the bone in short ribs. The boneless has way to much fat and barely any meat.

There was also shrimp, garlic chicken, and calamari. My phone died so I wasnt able to capture all the food we had. And if it’s your birthday, they give you a plate of pineapple to grill which is so delicious. 

So everyone left full and overwhelmed lol. Like I said, for them it was a different dining experience and I’m happy that I got my family to get out their dining comfort zone. 

*this post is based off my personal opinion* 

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Brunch At The Races

I attended LA Weekly annual Brunch At The Races held at Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia. 

This event is a must if you’ve never been. Ladies, grab your hat or fastenator, Men grab your hat and vest and come eat your entire life away. No really you will eat your entire life away. I was full for two days after this event no lie. There was so much good food and unfortunately, my body wouldn’t let me eat all of it. But I definitely got my fill. 

Brunch at the Races had about 33 vendors and even alcohol vendors and you can go back to a vendor as much as you want. Me and my friend stuffed ourself silly. It was that nasty I can barely breathe type of stuffing. But no regrets. We plan to attend this event again next year. 

As I mentioned there were so many vendors and we didn’t eat at all of them. But we defiebtely enjoyed the ones we got to experience before our stomachs side no more!

                      Red Bread 

This was the first booth we tried. I’m not really a fan of sourdough bread BUT the jam spread of this bread was just amazing. 

                  Open Sesame

I said I was only going to try the restaurants I’ve never been too BUT I just couldn’t resist Open Sesame. I love this restaurant so much it’s pathetic. Their sample plate consisted of Chicken Tawook, garlic sauce, pickled tomatoes, pita and hummus. I wish they offered their tabouli at this event. Best Tabouli ever! 

                      Pez Cantina

I’ve never heard of this place and the food was so good. We had breakfast tostadas with a dirty Horchata. That Horchata was so dang good. We went back like 4 times just for it.  


This booth offered some delicious Acai bowls. Each one had a different mix and they were all good. 

                  Makers Mark

I am a woman that enjoys dark liquor so I was excited to see that Makers Mark was on site. They offered you a shot or Makers on the rocks. It was almost 100 degrees that day, so I got a Makers on the rocks. Plus, you got a neat little souvenir cup if you got it on the rocks. 

                     L.A. Chapter

L.A. Chapter is located on the first floor of the Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A. I’ve eaten here before with friends and it’s okay. They did have some delicious mini pancakes to sample at their booth. 

                      The Brix

This is also a Downtown L.A. eatery that I must indulge in one day. I had a delicious barbacoa breakfast taco with avocado from them. It was just perfect. 

                       The Guild

I didn’t get to much information about this place BUT the braised short rib they were serving melted in your mouth. It was cooked so perfect. 

                   Preux and Proper

I’ve heard of this place and I was excited to finally get a feel for this restaurant. Another popular Downtown L.A. eatry, this New Oreleans themed restaurant is know for their delicious yet filling meals. They were offering shrimp and grits today and I was excited because I’ve never had this dish before. 

It was delicious but I can’t see myself eating this often. Grits are already filling and mixing in some type of protein will have you full pretty much all day. I ate a small portion but it was definitely delicious. I didn’t eat all of it because I was already halfway full and there were more places I wanted to try out. 

There were a few more vendors we tried out like Little Dom’s, Bai bubbles, Hennessy, Jones Coffee Roasters, Hyperion, and so much more. This event was for the true hardcore foodies and wonderful. And after the event, you can walk over to the track and enjoy a few rounds of horseracing.

So me and my friend had a great time but we over did it lol. But no regrets. Definitely  a great day.