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A Quick Fix: The BLT


I don’t know about you but I commute 67 miles a day to work and its very draining. By the time I get home, cooking is what I don’t want to do. If I don’t grab take-out, my usual is to grab some cereal or just whip together a PB & J and call it a day. But sometimes I do get tired of the cereal and PB & J and want something more but I’m just too tired. So the other day after another long commute, I got home, put on my comfortable clothes and FORCED myself to whip me up a tasty treat. Even with my urge to force myself I headed to the kitchen to pour me another bowl of cereal when my conscience kicked in and told me thats not what I really wanted. I was in the mood for something good and simple. Something I can put together quickly without doing to much work. Then it came to me: A BLT.. A BLT is the perfect quick fix when you want something tasty but don’t feel like cooking.

So I pulled out my gluten-free bread from UTI and put some Kraft Sandwich Spread on it. I hate a dry sandwich and Kraft sandwich spread always takes a sandwich up a notch.

photo 2photo 1

Next I grabbed some bacon and layered it into a lil pallet. Popped it in the microwave for 1:25 and made some perfectly cooked bacon. I swear by microwaving bacon.. it always comes out perfect.

photo 2

Next I begin to prepare my sandwich. I know this was a BLT but I added some avocado for that extra hmph that I needed. I used Roma tomatoes, Spinach instead of regular lettuce and added a slice of Trader Joes Yogurt lactose-free cheese.. And now my sandwich is done.

photo 3photo 4

I added these Veggie Chips to complete my meal. I found these at the 99 cents store and they are gluten-free which is always perfect. They’re not to bad and I added some salsa on them just because.

photo 5

So there.. my Quick Fix dinner. Only took about 5 to 6 minutes to put together and satisfy my hunger. I’m the Queen of a quick fix meal so you’ll probably see more quick fix posts on this blog.


Whats your go to Quick Fix meal??


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