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Beachwood Brewing & BQQ

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully your enjoying this holiday either resting or catching up with your friends and/or family. Holidays usually mean food is involved and it’s always an excuse to BBQ. 

I’m a fan of BBQ. Especially when the perfect cooker is involved. The best BBQ is done from home but sometimes you just don’t feel like firing up the grill and doing all the work.  If your in the downtown Long Beach area, head on over to the Promenade between 3rd and Broadway and head over to Beachwood Brewing and BQQ. For those near the Seal Beach area, there’s also a location on Main St. 

Now I will admit, I’m a Lucielles fan all the way but my friends boyfriend insisted that I try this place. For him this type of BBQ reminds him of Ohio where he’s from. So we went to try it out and it’s good. Lucille’s is still #1 for me (as far as a BBQ chain restaurant) but I would definitely come back here. 

         Fried Green Tomato Salad

  Smoked Chicken w/ collard greens, vanilla scented pecan yams and skillet baked cornbread 

Choose 2 combo: Smoked Chicken with Andouille sausage, green beans, onion & bacon ragout, Brussel sprout celery root slaw and skillet baked cornbread

Beachwood Brewing and BBQ- 210 E. 3rd St. Long Beach, CA. 90802
*all opinions are my own* 


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